Lately, in this lockdown, I have been watching Korean dramas and now I have a new hobby which is to find the filming locations of some of my favorite Korean dramas. I decided to share them with you. Today I will talk about one of my favorite k-drama W: Two Worlds Apart. it's broadcasted in 2016 but recently I watched it on Netflix.
Lee Jong-Suk, Han Hyo-Joo, Jung Eugene, Lee Si-Un is playing. This will be a spoiler but... This is the second time I saw Lee Jong-Suk and Jung Eugene together and again poor female character had a crush on Jong-Suk's character and again there is unrequited love. I wonder if the directors like Eugene playing the side-kick with Lee Jong-Suk and will we be able to see them together again in the future dramas. Anyway, let's get back to the main topic, which is... Locations:
Mainly This drama took place in three places, Hotel where male character stays, Hospital where the female character works, and the female character's father's house. I am still looking for the place where the father's house is but first let's start with the hospital.
  • Kyunghee University Hospital at Gansdong:
This is the Hospital where Yeon-Joo(female character) works. it's called Myungsei University Medical Center. And where Kang Chul(The male character) gets his medical care in the webtoon. (Spoiler, for people who don't know this story takes place half in a webtoon and another half in the real world.) it's called Hankuk Sungjin Medical Center.

  • Bus Stop Near the Hospital

  • Goyang Stadium:
First scene starts with Kang Chul's tournament and it looks like it took place in Goyang Stadium. Recently that place known as where Run BTS program has been shot.

  • Minicafe - Daebang Branch

  • Dal.Komm Coffee - Gwanghwamoon Branch

  • Belle - Essence Seoul Hotel
This is the home of Kang Chul.

  • SkyFarm

  • Megabox Cinema Jeonju

  •  Hangang Bridge

  • Ilsan Lake Park

  • Farmer's Garden Bom

Let's have some extra information in this post. First, a song from soundtrack: 

I find books in movies really interesting so after seeing this book I made a research and find a video about this book and it's illustrator. I am surprise to see that it's even published in Turkish in 2018, you may find in your hometown bookstore with the name "Love Is: Puuung's Illustration of Love".

That's all for now. If you know any other filming location of W or interesting korean dramas to watch let me know in the comment below.