Aomori Yamada Lisesi

Due to the extraordinary state of the world, this year you can watch the Japan men's rhythmic gymnastics competition online.
10 Junior and 20 High School teams will be selected among the teams who sent their videos until August 16, got the right to compete in the finals.

Ibara Lisesi - Resim özel izinle kullanılmaktadır.

With the cancellation of the most prestigious high school gymnastics competitions due to COVID-19, the men's rhythmic gymnastics championship will take place online this year.
You can watch the Junior team finals between 16:30 - 18:00 on Japan time zone on September 12th, and high school finals between 13:00 - 16:00, on September 13th on Japan time zone.

You can watch at the link below;

If you like to learn more about Japan men's rhythmic gymnastics you can read the interview from here.

Ibara Lisesi -

You can watch Natori High School men's rhythmic gymnasts' performance from this video and learn more about these talented gymnasts.

Thanks OuenMRG for the translation and photos.