In this short story, Tim and Akira, two university students come to Nagasaki from Osaka to attend mystery tour. Enjoy reading!
“The first part of the treasure hunt is about movies,” he said, his eyes lit up.
"Just like a dream come true," said his friend, teasingly.
" Remind me again why you came."
Tim's attitude changed suddenly with his friend's words. “Why? for free food, of course. Didn't you say that the food is your treat? "
“Okay, okay,” said Akira as he looked over his glasses. "Maybe I made a mistake by mentioning Nagasaki and bring him here," he thought.
 To change the subject Tim asked, "What was the first clue?"
"The first is easy," answered Akira confidently.
"Find the Location featured in the remake of the movie Bucket List and Akira Kurosawa's famous movie."
"Is that easy?" asked Tim.
 "Oh my dear fellow, are you sure you are a cinema student?" said Akira while heading towards the tram station.

In a short time, they were in front of the "Peace Fountain".
"I get it now," Tim muttered. “Of course, Akira is more advantageous than me since he is a history student. He must have searched before coming. But I have an advantage that Akira does not know, of course.” his thoughts were cut by Akira's voice.
“Did you know that his right hand symbolizes where the bomb came, and his left hand symbolizes eternal world peace?" Akira did not expect an answer when he said this to his friend and in fact, Tim was so immersed in his thoughts that he did not realize that they walked till in front of the Peace Park statue.
Akira continued, “the slightly closed eyes express a prayer asking that the souls of the victims may find rest.” They bowed respectfully as they prayed. Both were thinking the same thing in their mind, the world would be at peace.
Neither of them spoke until they started walking towards the exit of the park. Seeing his friend heading for the tram again, Tim curiously asked "Where to?"
Akira pointed to the envelope in his hand and said "Second place of course".
"When did you find it?"
"While you were daydreaming," Akira teased.
But the rumble coming from Tim's stomach decided their next stop. Tim took the initiative and they boarded the Blue Line Tram and made their way to Kanko-Dori.

"Here it is," said Tim as his eyes lit up. “You may have researched the whole history before you came, but I did my homework too. I won't go back till I taste all the local flavors. "
"Are you sure? This can be a little difficult."
"Why is that?" Tim asked as if he forgot.
“Hello?? Because the finals are starting and we shouldn't even take this short break. But at least I wanted to join the first part of it,” he said with a sigh. "Anyway, where are we, what are we eating?"
"Iwasaki Honpo" Tim replied as he was opening both arms in the air.
"We will now try Kakuni-man here." and he pushed his friend inside.
"After seeing your eating, cannot stop wondering, what percentage of the human body is the stomach."
"Don't worry, my metabolism is fast."
"Of course I worry, as your stomach gets full, my wallet is the one becomes empty," said Akira in a whisper.
"Ahh .... cat with a curved tail ... come kitty .... come kitty ...."
"I don't believe it, after eating this much, you can still chase a cat."
“Not a cat, THE CAT, and you should stop counting my bites and say the next riddle if you like. Also, don't you know these cats are unique to Nagasaki. It is believed that they bring luck to people who pet them. "
"Wait a minute! did you follow me to get some luck for the exam? If you spent that time studying, you would be more likely to succeed. "
"Kitty ... kitty ... kitty ..."

"Hey, I am talking with ... and you are totally ignoring me."

"So younger, so older,
A great detective like no other
there is only one truth he believes,
there is also someone for him it seems.
To please this love, he came this far,
without knowing became a star.
Hidden in a garden shaped as a heart
Oh, how does everyone want
to find this stone
 and end his lone.”

"So?" asked Tim.
"Tsk!!!" Akira nervously touched his glasses and turned to Tram station. "We will make a transfer to reach Glover Garden," he called out.
Although he was hesitant for a moment about whether it would be better to follow the cat or his friend, Tim chose to follow Akira.

“This is Glover Garden, where the English merchant named Thomas Blake Glover lived. One of the most famous places in Nagasaki. "
"I know, I know," Tim interrupted.
"You know?" Akira said in surprise.
"Banzai Cider, a refreshing drink unique to Nagasaki, is sold right here at Cafe Glover."

Akira continued walking without looking back. "Where are you going?" Tim shouted after him.
Akira suddenly turned back and gestured a heart shape with his arms, calling out "To find the heart stone. If you want to make a wish, don't miss this opportunity." 

He was back in a short time. Tim lifted his head from his drink and asked. "Give up so soon? what happened?"
“No, I found it. Now we have to find the other heart. "

"River turning into a pair of glasses
 A view like no other as one passes
The point where reflections meet
The face of a monster does one greet. "

"Meganebashi Bridge... Right?" a voice was heard. A blond young girl with a smile on her face was talking with them. "You are also ..." she said, turning to Akira, but could not finish her words.
Tim's mouth was left open.
“You're kidding, right? Is this stone effects this quickly? Where is it, bro? Show me quickly. "
The girl was confused. Akira understands what her friend was mumbling and said, “Sorry about my friend's jibberish, Yes, that bridge. I'm Akira, and that's Tim, by the way. Are you on the hunt, too? "
"Yes. I'm Melissa. Did you come from Osaka, too? The emblem on the bag also caught my attention. ”
Tim started walking towards the tram station alongside his friends, " if only I could see that heart before I left..." mumbled as only he can hear.

Megane-bashi Bridge

"What happened, Tim? Is the food finally getting to you?" asked Tim with a quieter voice.
"No way!!! just felt like an unnecessary accessory while you two were walking around lovey-dovey."
“Don't be silly,” said Akira “We're going to the same university. That's all."
"I'm in the same school too but for some reason, it's just like YOUR school"
"Wait, are you jealous ??!"
"What?? Not even in the slightest. Anyway, I'm now thinking... about... what to eat for dessert. That's why I'm indecisive. This is my indecisive facial expression.”
Suddenly the girl takes Akira's glasses from his eyes and held them towards the bridge. "It's really like glasses," she mutters. Akira took advantage of this moment and immediately took off a camera and a photograph from his bag. "Can I shoot?"
"Of course" she answered with joy.
"What's that?" Tim asked.
“Anime scene. It's a scene that takes place here. "
“Just a minute,” said Tim with a confused face. "How did you know this place was going to be in the hunt?"
“I didn't. I came prepared. Before I came to Nagasaki, I made copies of the scenes of all the movies and animations shot here."
"Oh Now I get it, I was wondering what's in this heavy bag that is so important that you carried without being whiny all day."
"Oh, everyone has a hobby and this is mine."
"Very cool," said the girl suddenly. "If you hold it like this, it feels like reality and imagination are intertwined in an instant, right?"
Akira's eyes lit up with hearing her thoughts. “Come on, let's find the heart, if you want of course.”
 "Of course," she answered Akira cheerfully.
"And here they go," Tim muttered after his friend. But his mourning lasted only five seconds. Another curved-tailed cat had just passed.

They were watching the sunset in Dejima. "Are you satisfied with what you ate now? Finally?"
“I'm eating momo castella. At least my efforts to increase my luck have been completed. "
"I knew it."

“You like to chase movie frames, and I like chasing lucky items. But admit it, it was quite interesting to meet Melissa. Just after finding the heart stone in Glover Garden. "
Akira continued to speak, pretending not to hear his friend. "But what a pity?"
"What is? Melissa? "
“What?! Melissa...? Of course not. Treasure hunt! We cannot continue, we have to go back. However, it was just starting to get interesting," said while showing the envelope in his hand.
Inside it writes:
"He has a license to kill since 1953 ..."
"Where is this?"

“Hmmm? Is that so? I just thought the anime adaptation about Titans was modeled from there," he said while getting a piece of castella cake in his mouth.
"I'm a cinema student, did you forget?" said Tim, as he returned the words to his friend. "Don't worry, we'll come again," he said after thinking for a while when he didn't get a response from Akira.
"To tour Hashima?"
"Why not? And there are Champon and Udon and... "
"Hey! Next time I won't buy it, but ..."
"Sure, sure," said Tim carelessly. Their shout out that echoed in Nagasaki's sunset, reminded us that another day was over.