Our camping adventure continues at the Fumoto campsite in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan. The second of the Laid-back Camp game has been released. 
First of all, let's talk about the subject of the Laid-back Camp game for those who do not know. This series, where you can watch the cartoon with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and buy the manga of it as an e-book from Kobo, is about high school teenager Nadeshiko [one of the characters in the original series] going to camp with her friend Rin. Rin likes solo camping. And Nadeshiko is a teenager who loves Mount Fuji. You play the camp story of these two. 
Because the gamers complained about the first game's length, this time the game developers needed to state that each version is about the length of an anime episode. (around 25 minutes) 

If you played the first game Laid-back Camp - Lake Motosu before, you may wonder about the differences between the first and second game. First of all, you were playing "Nadeshiko" in the first game, and in this game, you play as "Rin". 

If you don't look at Nadeshiko's face, she will try to attract attention and I must say this fits very well with Nadeshiko's cheerful and energetic character. 
Again in this game, as in the first game, you can play in VR Mode or without using the Virtual Reality equipment. 

Although the time/scene changing becomes different in this game, you can also make time changing/ scene selection from the menu screen like in the first game. 

This time, they added a scene that you listen to the weather and music from the radio. This helps you to relax and enjoy the scenery. 

At this campsite, a cute dog will accompany you for a while. 

As in the first game, you can take photos and share them with your friends. 

And again as in the first game, they give a delicious camping dinner recipe and you can enjoy Fumoto camping. 

Those who watch the anime or read the manga will know this beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji. 
Fumoto Campsite in Laid-back Camp Manga
Do manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese cartoons) which uses the areas in the Real World, make you want to visit those places, too? Here is the place on the map where the Laid-back Camp - Fumoto Campsite game takes place. 



Many Japanese Vloggers are visiting "Laid-back Camp" campsites on location. 
Here is a youtube video of a vlogger who loves laid-back camp as much as I and visits Motosu Lake campsite. You can watch the video with English subtitles. In the anime, this area is where Nadeshiko and Rin first met and where the first game took place.

By checking this anime, manga, or game, you can learn whether you are interested in camping or not and maybe start a new hobby.