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Shine Like A Star

The internet can sometimes lead to great love stories, or sometimes to new beginnings…
The most feared plane trip can lead to the chance of self-discovery…
How about such a trip into music and into the unknown?

Suzan, a Turkish girl who is a keen intern at a publishing company, wins a ticket to S.Korea. Knowing little Korean she learned from Jun, her chatmate, she decides to pursue the journey. It is a hell of a ride, an awkward/embarrassing encounter with a cute/hot Japanese guy to begin with, and Jun missing in action when she needs him most. And how about those band members she wants to meet, especially the vocalist---?


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Chocolate Flavored Murder

Are you ready to solve a locked room murder with Detective Bee and his rookie assistant? 

After a request from "Everybody's" real estate agent, Mr. John Robertson, Detective Bee, and his assistant start investigating some burglary in the neighborhood. But in a short time, they find themselves in a mess with a dead butler, and a locked room... 

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The Guardians Series Book 1

"You do not know if this is even real, do you? Have you ever thought why you are saying these things? It may be just a dream for you. So, what about us? What will happen to us? What if we were only created in your dream because of you?"
I was confused. I suddenly started to go away from Jay and Junior. What was happening here actually? And then I realized what the strange thing I couldn't name was. I hadn't felt anything but feelings yet. No pain, no fatigue, no thirst, no hunger. I was only experiencing emotional fluctuations. Or was it a dream? Was it not real?

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