I am a culture blogger who can’t live without doing research and a writer who loves reading as much as writing and someone who believes my interest in far east will get higher as I share with people who has the same interest. Are you ready to explore new cultures and learn new things with me? Just Follow My Page!

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Interview: Professional Kimono Dresser Mio Zenmosa

June 14, 2020 0
Summer has come. This normally means more colorful festivals for Japan and foreigners like me, that reminds colorful beautiful Yukata and Ki...

Filming Locations of Korean Drama W: Two Worlds Apart

June 02, 2020 0
Lately, in this lockdown, I have been watching Korean dramas and now I have a new hobby which is to find the filming locations of s...


May 31, 2020 0
今誰もがバケーションを必要としています。新しい場所を見、視点を変え、心配ごとを取り除き、健康を改善し、魂を強化し、新しい始める… 今日は、長崎にあるプログラムを紹介します。ゲストは「ながさきウェルネス」プログラムの有永洋子さん。 有永洋子 看護師、博士 有永洋...

Interview: Yoko Arinaga from NAGASAKI WELLNESS Program

May 30, 2020 0
Everyone needs a vacation these days. Seeing new places, changing our perspective, getting rid of our worries, improving our body healt...

[Studying Japanese] Learning From Detective Conan Manga

April 23, 2020 0
Few days ago I watched a TEDx youtube seminar about learning a second language in six months and in that video I noticed that I am alr...
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