I am a culture blogger who can’t live without doing research and a writer who loves reading as much as writing and someone who believes my interest in far east will get higher as I share with people who has the same interest. Are you ready to explore new cultures and learn new things with me? Just Follow My Page!

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How to use "NagasakiCool"?

April 01, 2019 0
I've started writing about Nagasaki City with the interview and introduction of Nagasakicool Paper. So I thought ending my Nagasaki p...

Did You know these about NAGASAKI?

April 01, 2019 0
  Did you know...  1- during the era of national isolation in Japan, the Geishas acted almost as informal diplomats?  Photo from ...

Nagasaki's "What is This?" Corner

March 31, 2019 0
1- Hata In Nagasaki people call "Hata" to kites. They have 3 colors; white, blue, red. There are nearly 50 types of tradition...

9 Museums You Should Visit in Nagasaki

March 31, 2019 0
1-Siebold Memorial Museum    Wikimedia Common - STA3816 Siebold came to Japan to attend Dutch Trading House as a doctor. He opened...

Nagasaki City: Land of Festivals

March 30, 2019 0
As I mentioned at one of my posts before, most of the festivals in Nagasaki Prefecture takes place in Nagasaki City. So if you visit Nagasak...

Nagasaki and Detective Conan

March 29, 2019 0
Photo From Detective Conan Wiki - Fandom Soon I will complete my Nagasaki posts and I didn’t want to end it before I share this topic b...

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