I am a culture blogger who can’t live without doing research and a writer who loves reading as much as writing and someone who believes my interest in far east will get higher as I share with people who has the same interest. Are you ready to explore new cultures and learn new things with me? Just Follow My Page!

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Interview: the president of Kushimoto Turkish Culture Association, Ayşegül Ito

January 04, 2020 0
Photo: Yaoki Yashiro Archive It will always be remembered in the history of Turkish maritime that the fate of the Ertuğrul Frig...

Ghosts of the Past Year and Hopes of the Next Year

December 30, 2019 0
Even though I can't publish a new book this year, I hope that I take my readers to interesting places and inspire them through in...

Interview: SuperMatsuri - Experience Japanese Festival Like A Japanese Person

December 20, 2019 0
川崎市民祭り Today I will introduce you to a Turk who does one of my dream jobs. He moved to Japan seven years ago and is now running a Yo...

Interview: With Sarah Hodge About Japan's Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics (MRG)

November 27, 2019 0
Kokushikan Men’s RG sophomore Keisuke Tanaka performing his stick routine at 2018 All-Japan Intercollegiate Championships (Photo: Mitsuyo...

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