I am a culture blogger who can’t live without doing research and a writer who loves reading as much as writing and someone who believes my interest in far east will get higher as I share with people who has the same interest. Are you ready to explore new cultures and learn new things with me? Just Follow My Page!

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Interview: Kohei Shiozawa, The teacher of “Yakumaru-Jigen-Ryu"

March 30, 2020 0
Resim: Yaoki Yashiro Archive This month's interview was made thanks to my Japanese friend Yaoki Yashiro. He participated in the ...

Hokuei, The Conan Town, Events in 2020 Spring and Summer

March 01, 2020 0
Hello Everyone, today I will be talking about events that will take place in Hokuei town, Japan. People who follow my page probably know...

インタビュー: トルコでの日本音楽の啓蒙末富敦子氏

February 18, 2020 0
* 私達のページへようこそ。読者の方に自己紹介していただけますか? こんにちは。私は末富敦子と申します。日本の伝統楽器である琴の奏者です。琴のコンサートで世界中を飛び回りました。そしてここトルコに来たのは 2005 年のことでした。 その時は 日 本大使館、在イス...

Interview: The representative of Japanese Music In Turkey: Atsuko Suetomi

February 18, 2020 0
  Today we have Atsuko Suetomi: the great artist who is promoting Japanese music in Turkey. *Welcome to my page! Can you tell my re...

Interview: the president of Kushimoto Turkish Culture Association, Ayşegül Ito

January 04, 2020 0
Photo: Yaoki Yashiro Archive It will always be remembered in the history of Turkish maritime that the fate of the Ertuğrul Frig...

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