Nagasaki is in the southwest of Japan, surrounds with mountains, ocean and beautiful nature. 

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This area has a very important role in Japanese international relations and the knowledge and culture came from Asia and Europe to this area, had an important role in Japan’s Modernization process. 

In the Japanese Isolation Period(1641-1859) Nagasaki harbor was the only window to the west. 

With this opportunity, Nagasaki connected with the west and developed its own style. I’ll call this “Nagasaki Way”. 

Still, a lot of cruise ships came to this harbor. 
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The effect of foreign cultures can be easily noticed in Nagasaki within architecture, food, and events that take place. For people who like exploring different tastes, Nagasaki City is a “must-see” place and because of that, I’ll do my best to introduce you this lovely city. Who knows, maybe you’ll also want to check this old city which has seen and experienced a lot in time. 

As someone who is from Istanbul, meeting Nagasaki gave me a very familiar feeling. Because aside from Istanbul being a metropolitan which connects Asia to Europe, one of the most eye-catching features of her is being a seaport like Nagasaki. And also without making much afford you can find different tastes of the country and traces of cultures from all over the world in Istanbul. Also in Nagasaki, you can experience and reach to different cultures with unique tastes which are created in Nagasaki. 

Right now, I am working as a volunteer blogger for NagasakiCool, a paper publishes free issues for foreign travelers. 

I will share the unique and fun information that I learned from my researches and locals who are always sincere and kind to me. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

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