Soon I will complete my Nagasaki posts and I didn’t want to end it before I share this topic because I am a Detective Conan Fan, too.

In 21st season Conan, Ran and Kogoro Mouri visit Nagasaki because Ran wins a prize at a shopping district lottery. Now shall we look at the places took place in Detective Conan Episode?

1- Nagasaki Station

2- Nagasaki Confucius Shrine – Historical Museum of China

it's made by Chinese people for worshipping Confucius. There are monuments brought from China including 72 philosophers and statues of Confucius.

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3- Oura Church

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it's the oldest wooden Gothic style church in Japan which is also a national treasure.

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4- Glover Garden

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”
Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

Glover Garden is a place where you can also watch the beautiful view of the city lights. Ran looks for Heart Stones in Glover Garden. There are two heart stones in Nagasaki that will make your love wishes come true after finding them. One is at the Megane-Bashi(Spectacles Bridge) and the other one is in Glover garden.

5- Dutch Slope

 The Dutch Slope is a stone-paved street leading up a hillside in Nagasaki where foreign traders used to live.

6- Higashiyamate No.13

Higashiyamate Ko No.13 House one of the western style houses in Nagasaki. It was constructed in 1894.

7- Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture

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8- Site of Kameyama Shachu

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There are things belong to the end of Edo period. Kameyama Shachu(Group) and its members are introduced in this museum. it explains the role of Kameyama Shachu and Nagasaki in the Modernization of Japan. Its a place 15 minutes walk from Shinsaiku Street Car Stop.

9- Kazagashira Park – Statue of Sakamoto Ryoma

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This statue was built in 1989 using funds donated from all over Japan. It is located nearby the Kameyama Shachu Museum, and you can watch the Nagasaki Harbor from Kazagashira Park observation platform.

10- Spectacles Bridge (Megane-bashi)

This bridge is originally built in 1634 but it was washed away in 1982 and later it was rebuilt. you can find the heart shaped stone here and make a wish for eternal love.

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

11- Chinese Restaurant Shikairo

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12- Dejima

It is the entrance of advertisement and cultural exchange for more than 200 years.

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

13- Statue of Puccini

In the Glover Garden, There is a
statue of the Italian opera composer Puccini, with a butterfly on his shoulder.

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14- Statue of Miura Tamaki

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15- Mt. Inasa : Observatory

Photo Credit: “© Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association”

You can watch the panoramic night view of Nagasaki Harbor.

16- Teramachi Street

It's the famous Temple Street of Nagasaki.

17- Nakashima River

There are stone bridges on the Nagashima River such as Megane-bashi, Ichiran-bashi, Susukihara-bashi,Higashi-Shinbashi Bridge.

Before ending this post I should mention about the delicious foods Mouri Kogoro wants to try; Champon and Sara Udon.

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This year, 2019, there will be a surprise for Detective Conan fans in Nagasaki. Detective Conan: Scientific Investigation Exhibition ~Abduction to the Truth~ will take place
from 29th June to 1st September 2019 at Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, 2-1, Dejima Town, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

 For more information you can visit the Japanese page of the exhibition.(

And if you like to read detective conan in English here are Kobo Links.icon icon


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